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Row 4a Reason 2017

After much thought, the current committee has decided not to hold the annual Row 4a Reason ‘Row Round Northey Island’ event in September 2017.

Unfortunately our insurance is extremely high and we have noticed a decline in the number of rowers over the past few years.  Coupled with this is the fact that many rowers do not collect sponsorship and we are left with making very little in the way of funds to donate to charities from the rowing event itself.

We do very much rely on the goodwill of the Basiners to supply and man the safety boats, but there are additional financial implications with closing of the road administration and fuel.

We will review this situation at the end of 2017 but if you feel you would like to comment at all please email and I will get back to you.

With many thanks for your support in the past and I hope we will find enough support from you all to continue in 2018.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to say that we have presented cheques to Farleigh Hospice, Clark’s Farm Animal Rehoming and St George’s Church & Community Room Lighting Fund from the funds raised during 2016.  We will be continuing  with our monthly quiz nights and other social events during 2017 to raise money to donate to new charities this year.

Kind regards

Chris Oatham

£4000 cheque to Farleigh Hospice 13/1/2017

£4000 cheque to Farleigh Hospice 13/1/2017

Cheque for lighting funds presented 13/1/2017

Cheque for lighting funds presented 13/1/2017

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